Sunday, 19 November 2017

How to use Roku Search Option to find your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

Find Favorite TV shows and movies using Roku Search Option:

Roku provides thousands of free channels as well as more than 35000 paid channels. Moreover, you can access these channels to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, web series and much more. You can find your channel easily using Roku search option. In addition, Roku also provide Roku Mobile App to make your streaming easy with roku com link. It becomes easier to find channels within the different categories using the Roku search. Roku has two methods for you to search on Roku. You have to scroll down to find the Roku search methods.

Search your content using Roku on-screen keyboard:

Once you press the Home button on your Roku remote, you can find the Search option over the screen. This search option will help you to find your content directly. Moreover, simply type your content letters in the search field and press OK on your remote. This content includes the channel name, movies, TV shows, live shows, games, actor name, director name and more. Here are some most watched shows and Roku channels like Netflix, HBO, CNN,, Facebook, Watch NBC News, Starz com etc. When you see your content that you want to watch, choose entry and see the more details.

Search your content using keyboard on your mobile:

If you want to search using your mobile device, you must install the Roku mobile app. Moreover, Roku mobile app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Now if you want to search on Roku Mobile App, you have to select magnifying glass. You can find magnifying glass at the top of your device.
When you see the keyboard appearance, start typing the letters of your content that you wish to search.
Important points:
  • Roku search will display the results across the various categories including sports, comedy, news, entertainment and many more
  • Moreover, you can type the words through the on-screen keyboard using the Roku search
  • Besides this, you can use voice search when you are using your Roku mobile app on your mobile device
  • When you are typing the channels name, make sure you have enter the right name
  • Search streaming content that you interests the most


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